Greek Eats and Treats

Today was another leisurely day. After our four bottles of wine last night, Jolie and I had a lie in til about 10:30. The sun had returned, so we spent a few hours on the rooftop. Jolie laid out by the pool while I read The Mill on the Flossbin the shade, fully saturated in my 50 SPF sunscreen. You can never be too careful.

We got in touch with Meg and met her for brunch at the restaurant from last night. We couldn’t resist the Greek salad, but also had a Greek omelette. It sounded delicious, with potatoes, caramelized peppers and onions… But it was REAL delicious. It was the best omelette I have ever had. I wanted to eat five of them, I enjoyed it so much… But I didn’t. We had Greek frozen yogurt instead.

This actually is Greek yogurt that’s frozen, so it’s not as sweet as the regular stuff. You pick your toppings of fruit, nuts, or biscuits. We took our treats to a sunny square to enjoy.

Not much is open on Sundays, so we three strolled around the city some more. Meg showed us the route to walk to the acropolis so we would know where to go tomorrow. We all found souvenirs and postcards to buy.

A pit stop was necessary in the mid afternoon for coffee and baklava. There is nothing as decadent as baklava here. It’s sweet enough that the three of us could hardly tackle one piece together. The restaurant tried to sell us two, but it just wasn’t going to happen.

It did whet our appetite for real food, though. We passed a little more time walking around. Meg picked up her luggage from her hostel and moved it to our hotel, a much better location. We had drinks on the roof under the shadow of the acropolis. The house specialty is a cocktail somewhat like a screwdriver, but thicker and more delicious. It’s somehow made with jam. Meg had this, and I tried a sip. I might try mixing jam into my own cocktails when I get home.

When it got too windy on the roof, we started to look for dinner. We had seen quite the interesting place earlier that had an abundance of pita bread and advertised a €5 “crisis dinner.” This turned out to be the find of the day. It has actually been a while since any of us have had meat, and no starch all day, but we changed all that. We got an enormous platter to share. There was amazing grilled, skewered pork, chicken, and lamb, donner meat, tzatziki, chips, and of course some pita.

I haven’t been this universally happy with food in a long time. It’s wonderful in this country. Jolie and I were initially surprised at the lack of hummus, but on further research we discovered that it is in fact middle eastern–not Mediterranean at all. Not that we’re complaining about the food here, but it does feel like we’ve been living a lie.

After dinner we sent Meg on her way to the airport and retired early. Tomorrow will be a very full day. We’re finally going to be seeing the Athenian cultural sights. It’s acropolis time.


2 thoughts on “Greek Eats and Treats

  1. I’ve read about that cocktail somewhere …

    I read an Article about the Mediterranean diet versus the standard American diet. They had to discontinue the study midway because It became clear that to allow the subjects to continue the standard American diet was unethical. The benefits of the diet are so astronomically better.

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