Uffizi Day

I meant to get an early start to today.

However, I am pretty sure I woke up every one of my roommates when I was trying to go to bed last night. I didn’t want to wake them up again at 7 AM. I remembered them saying that they wanted to get up at 9, so that’s when I set my alarm for.

This still would have been a decent start today, but the morning was really wierd. I got confused and thought I was checking out so I tried to repack my whole bag. My camera wasn’t working again. Then, when I was leaving, I found out they were charging me a higher rate for the night I had added to my stay.

I “discussed” this with the receptionist for a very long time. She seemed incredibly put out by having to deal with me. My main point was that if the rate was different, I should have been informed of that before. She tried to tell me that she had no manager, then that she had no way to contact said manager, and finally that she would email me later in the day. This I had to accept.

All of these factors combined meant that I didn’t have time to visit the duomo before my reservation time at the Uffizi. When I collected my ticket, I found out that I hadn’t actually qualified for the reduced price. The lady there was super nice though and let me get away with it.

The Uffizi has an unbelievable collection. It was smaller than I expected, but I liked that. Quality over quantity, unlike some museums… the Lourve.

I saw lots of fabulous art. It’s the kind of place you could spend weeks, but not all at once. It’s exhausting to be around that much awe inspiring work. You have to prioritize and pace yourself when you don’t have the luxury of return trips.

I left the Uffizi and headed to the Duomo. I had heard that the KCAI kids were meeting our professor there at 1:00, and I wanted to see if I could join in for the day. Jessie, the prof, is so smart and wonderful. I’d have loved to get her take on the city.

I had a few minutes to kill before then so I took my camera to a very nearby shop I’d seen yesterday. The man there thought the problem was with my charger, not my camera or battery. I left my camera with him to see if the battery could charge on his charger, and went back to the duomo.

No one from my class was anywhere to be seen. I was worried I’d gotten the wrong place. Finally, about a quarter after, I found a familiar face. Abe had been instructed to go to the Duomo and tell anyone who hadn’t gotten the email that Jessie’s flight had been delayed once again.

She and her family have been on the road for days now. I feel so bad for them. I know they just want to get here. Travel problems like that are totally miserable.

Abe and I walked around for a bit. We had gelato and went to the food market. He bought groceries there. We walked back to his apartment together, which is actually right across the street from the Ufizzi. I still cant get over how cool it is that the SACI kids stay in real apartments all over the city. Abe’s place was the biggest and beautiful. The ceilings were super high, which is awesome except that he’s on the third floor of a walk up. I’m a little jealous of the experiences these guys get to have, but I am happy with my own adventure.

I was feeling kinda funny, so I left there to go get my camera and work out a plan. The good news is that it turns out I was having a charger problem. A new charger was expensive, but at least it wasn’t also a battery. Also happy my whole camera wasn’t broken.

I was feeling strangely exhausted by this point and really sluggish. I headed back to my hostel becaus I just didn’t think I’d make it much longer. I might not have let myself do it had it not been for another rather unfortunate event. I was walking down the street and a seam ripped in the back of my dress. It was practically band new. It wasn’t a super cheap thing, and I’d only worn it a handful of times. So I’m very disappointed. But on the bright side, now I’ll have more room in my luggage

My head started to bother me. It didn’t go away when I drank some water, so I took a migraine pill.

I kept thinking about how much I would regret it if I were in Florence and wasted an entire half day laying in bed. In retrospect, this was definitely migraine delusional thinking. The meds started to kick in though, and I got a message from Kit inviting me to meet them out.

I decided to suck it up and meet them. When I walked out the door it started raining for the first time the whole darn day, so my dry shoes got wet again. I know you all probably don’t care about the moisture content of my shoes, but it makes a big difference to me.

I met them across town. I arrived at the unfortunate moment that Blaze realized she had been pickpocketed. Her wallet was completely gone. She only had €20 on her, but I feel her pain. I know how much it sucks to lose your credit cards, money and ID upon first arriving to a foreign country. Plus, it’s just a horrible feeling to be a victim.

We tried to walk around for a bit but she ended up storming off. I think she needed to be alone and deal with it. Tess wanted to go back to her apartment to see if her roomie had arrived from America yet. Amy had indeed arrived. She’d been traveling with Jessie, so she had to deal with that awful situation.

Amy wanted to go have coffee and food, but Tess and Kit wanted to freshen up. Amy and I went out on our own, with a plan to meet Kit at the duomo in an hour. We had pizza and coffee. I know salt and caffeine are two things that help my grandma with migraines, so I thought it couldn’t hurt. It was my best pizza experience so far. I didn’t know Amy too well, so it was really nice to have a good chat. She’s an amazing artist and I hope I continue to get to know her better back in KC.

We got to the duomo a little early and noticed a few people by the side door. Apparently there was a mass going on, but we convinced the guards to let us peek inside for a few minutes. It’s magnificent.

Kit had Blaze with her when we found each other. We all thought we’d just walk around and do some exploring. After we crossed the Ponte Veccio, I realized we were near the Pitti Palace. It’s impressive from the outside, so we went to look at it. As it turns out, there was an event going on there tonight so it was open late with free admission. It was nice to go back through and look at the art again without being horribly angry. It’s really fun to look at art with other artists, too, and we had a good time.

I’m not sure what their plans were afterwards, but I was exhausted. It’s the aftershock phase of migraines. I parted ways with them and made a beeline for my bed. I hope they have an amazing time living and studying in Florence for the next month. We will have some stories to swap when we all get back to Kansas City.


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