down to the wire

There’s not much to be said about today, really.

I finally finished that paper. I’ve done all the packing that’s possible. I don’t really have anyone in particular that I need to say goodbye to, or any places that I feel like I want to visit “one last time.” In a way, Brighton has been more of a jumping off point than a home. It hasn’t been bad. This past week has been a little tough because getting to spend that time with Carson reminded me what it’s like to have a really good friend to goof off with. I do miss that. But Brighton has served its purpose, and I’ll be back in KC with loved ones before too long.

I finally finished that stinking paper. It wasn’t hard, it was just so easy that it was boring. The last 250 words were the worst. It took me far longer than there was any reason for it to do.

I was surprised to see that it was already 6:00 by the time I was done, but being so far North means I get extra daylight. The sun doesn’t set til 9:00 these days. I headed off to visit the beach. As a midwestern girl, it still amazes me that I can just do that. I think I could live be the sea forever and never take it for granted. I’d be surprised every morning I woke up and it was there.

The one down side to the late sunsets is that you just don’t register how late it is. Right now, for instance, I’m up wayyy past my bedtime. This afternoon, I tried to go to the grocery store and was shocked that it had closed. I didn’t eat dinner til almost 9:00. It just messes you up a little.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Brighton. I might be busy, it might not be. Hard to say. And then the next day, I leave here for good.

My Mom has been down with the most awful cold of all time and my Dad has just caught it. I’m really, really worried that when I stay with them it’ll spread to me. I’m about to go on a month-long adventure that’s going to put so much stress on my body shred my immune system, I’m petrified of getting sick before it even starts. Let’s all just pray for a miracle, so that they can enjoy their trip!

Okay, so one really awesome amazing thing did happen today. I just wanted to save the best for last. Michael and Colleen are having a baby GIRL! I am so excited, I can now start buying her all of the things. All of them. I’m going to love the poop out of this princess. Congratulations, guys. I can’t wait to see you!


One thought on “down to the wire

  1. THE trick to avoid a cold is HANDWASHING, seriously. And u did save the best for last! Such wonderful news! Can’t wait to see you !

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