packing, procrastination, pizza

I woke up this morning to very strange, loud noises being made by my house. It sounded like something was about to explode in the room next to mine.

But I had gotten plenty of sleep and this just meant an early, productive morning was to be had. Or so I thought. I have one paper to write before the end of term next Tuesday. I wrote about half of it last month, but it was the easy half. I just wrote done all the things I already knew about my topic, and now I have to flesh it out with sources and other facts and things. I’m just not looking forward to it. I spent almost all day doing nothing to avoid doing it. Then, when I decided it was time to sit down and get to it, I realized that I really can’t. I am not on the university email list, so I haven’t received the actual prompt for the essay or any information about formatting or requirements. I knew enough about it to have gotten started last month, but the rest is information that I really need in order to continue.

I emailed my professor and asked the people in my course via facebook. Since my hands were tied and I was filled with the energy of procrastination, I decided to go on a walk. To make it a productive walk, I headed to Primark. For my upcoming month-long trip, I’d mentioned that my goal was to pack only one pair of shoes. The only shoes I do have here are boots, and not really appropriate for the nice spring weather. Everything I packed would match either navy blue or black, so I thought I’d just go find some cheap black flats and fudge it.

I’ve sung the praises of Primark many times, but it just never fails. Today was highly successful. I found comfortable shoes that were navy blue AND black. Done. Will match everything. I win.

The weather was gorgeous again so I’m glad I got out in it. Everyone in Brighton goes crazy when the sun is out. Then, on my way home, disaster struck. I somehow managed to slip (on dry cement while wearing boots) and skin my knee. Not only did I look ridiculous when I fell, but I will continue to look ridiculous as it is now bare-legs season. It’s a bad scrape and knees take forever to heal. They’re always moving around. What a disappointment. Now all my pictures will look silly.

My flatemates wanted to have dinner together this week since it’s my last in Brighton. We’d settled on tonight, and when I got home they were making homemade pizzas. Even the dough was from scratch. I added the toppings to one of the pizzas, but when Alec handed me a bag of something he told me was parmesan cheese, I was quite liberal with it. Turns out, he’d mixed up the bags of parmesan and cornmeal. I didn’t look at the label on the bag, so it wasn’t until later that we realized the mistake. Whoops! Luckily there was cornmeal in the crust anyway and it’s not really something you taste.

Everything was delicious and they are so much fun to hang out with. I really wish I’d managed to spend more time with them. Alec thinks there might be a market in Brighton for KC barbeque sauce since there’s nowhere to get anything like it. We may start up a business. Alice has a Saudi prince in one of the classes she’s teaching right now. I wish I could meet him…

After dinner, we watched Submarine. I didn’t think I’d seen it before, but I started to recognize it a few minutes in. It was the strangest thing. It’s a pretty recent movie, and I know now that I’ve seen it before, but I only remembered a few things about it and nothing about when or how I’d seen it. A&A were especially surprised that I’d seen it because it’s an English film, and less likely to be in the States. Any one have any ideas how that could have happened?

Well, tonight was a lovely evening. I still haven’t heard back from my professor or my classmates, but hopefully I’ll be able to get a solid start on that essay tomorrow. I’m running out of time. It’s technically due on Thursday, but Wednesday will be the last chance I have to hand it in. Gotta get it done! It’s really hard to believe that things are ending. My bags are packed, my semester is nearly done, and I’ve said most of my goodbye’s I think. But I’m not ready to leave Europe. I’m not ready!


One thought on “packing, procrastination, pizza

  1. I have zero recollection of any class I took in France with the exception of Madame Phelouzat, the self defeating perfectionist, learning La Vie En Rose in language lab and getting a D in a class on Proust over a book I didn’t bother to read. D = diploma, baby!

    Go Primark.

    Ask Alec and Alice to start an all things KC store in Brighton. They man it, you supply it. We can sell Jayhawk apparel and up the British cool factor 1000%.

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