packing, packing…

Another beautiful, sunny day in Brighton. This streak of good weather has unfortunately coincided with a very busy time for me. The school year is coming to a close. I moved out of my studio this morning. I have to say, it was the easiest studio-move I’ve ever had. I really haven’t accumulated much here in the way of supplies. I gave away most of what I did have, but I am going to try to send some of my art home. It’s amazing how much less expensive international shipping is in England than it is in the States.

I made it home before lunch. My fridge was empty so I picked up soup on the way. I went grocery shopping over the weekend and had it all in the crockpot today. It was an experiment. I had seen a delicious looking chicken-cheddar-brocolli bake thing and decided to modify it for the slow cooker. I also added potatoes. It smelled great when I walked in the door.

I spent the afternoon working on it and I think I am 90% done packing now. The last 10% is the hardest, though. It’s all the small things that are hard to collect, and you’re running out of room. I’m leaving out clothes for the last week I’m here that I’ll still have to cram in somewhere, I’m simultaneously packing for my month on the road, and I seem to have accumulated a few more things than I had when I got here.

I don’t feel ready to leave Europe. There are so many adventures to be had. It’s all coming to a close and I feel like I just got here. Packing is a little sad. Even more sad is realizing that of all the clothes I brought, a lot of it has gone unworn! What a waste of space! I misjudged the weather, or actually just got very unlucky. I keep hearing that Brighton usually has a much warmer spring. You also dress differently when you walk so much rather than when you can drive. I’ll know better next time.

I’ve had a few fluffy movies on in the background during all this. After dinner (which was delicious, but not very attractive in appearance) I decided to put on the 6-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth–the only film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, as far as I’m concerned! Since I’ve seen it before I was hoping to enjoy it in the background while I kept on packing, but it’s just too absorbing. I watched the whole thing. I have no regrets. Also, it’s funny to watch while living in England. None of the book is set in Brighton, but it is the subject of many conversations and one of the sisters even runs off to it. You know, for all the officers stationed here. Ha!

Six hours of Colin Firth is never a bad way to spend an evening.


2 thoughts on “packing, packing…

  1. It’s snowing here. Ground covered, streets wet. Very odd. Glad you finally have better weather than we do. Enjoy!

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