not the last lecture

Today was another gorgeous, sunny, spring day in Brighton. I didn’t make it to the beach, though. It’s getting down to the wire, here.

My final essay is due a week from today. I wrote about half of it last month, and haven’t touched it since. My parents arrive a week from today, which also means I’ll be completely moved out be a week from today before I meet them at Heathrow. Yikes! Lots to do.

I set off bright and early to get to class. I assumed that this would be the last lecture, since our essay is due next week. I was surprised to find out that no, the lectures will continue, even though there will be no tests or papers or any other method of measuring the content we manage to glean from it. Today we watched a Bladerunner clip and talked about simulacra. I also found out there’s a girl in my class who has never seen Star Wars. How sad!

Now, it’s really very clearly time for me to start packing. It’s going to be a little odd though, because I’ll be simultaneously packing for a month-long eurotrip and everything else to go home. The bag that Grandma gave me for Christmas has been the perfect bag in every way. It’s cute, versatile, durable, and has as many pockets as you could ever dream of. It meets Ryanair’s and Easyjet’s carry-on dimensions and I can get everything I need for a week into it.

However, I just don’t think I can pack a month’s worth of my life into it. It’s been great so far, but it has its limits. So I enjoyed the weather in Brighton today on a nice long walk to the local Primark. They sell everything there. For cheap. I was torn between getting a rolling, cabin-sized bag and a large over-the-shoulder tote. They were approximately the same size. They’re still pretty small (I’m going to have to carry this around with me, after all) but in the end I decided to go with the hand bag.

Here’s the thing about rolling luggage: in an airport, they’re great. There’s nothing better. However, as I have witnessed countless times over the past months, they are a nightmare once you get them on the streets. Trying to navigate the uneven (or even coblestone) pavement of ancient cities, or public transportation in rush hour, it’s just not worth it.

The bag was cheap, but hopefully it’ll last me a month. It’ll do for all the necessities. I’m going to try to pack dark, patterned dresses that don’t show dirt and look fine after being crumpled up in the bottom of a bag for a week. If I can get everything to match one pair of shoes, one jacket, and one scarf… I will be the master of packing light. I think I may need more than one pair of shoes, but we’ll see how it goes.

It’s starting to sink in how little time I have left here. I can’t buy a full carton of eggs because I won’t be here long enough to eat them all. My fridge is basically empty. I’m making one last crockpot meal tomorrow, and just hoping I can finish it all by the time I leave. And… I started really packing. That’s the really weird one. I haven’t done anything drastic yet, just started to put my books and things back into their packs. The England days are numbered, now.


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