Grandcamp-Maisy to Caen

Today was a transit day. We woke up in Grandcamp with the idea to make it to Caen.

There is a bus between Grandcamp and Bayeaux and a train between Bayeaux and Caen. Seemed simple enough. Carson and I slept in, checked out of our hotel room at noon, and hit the grocery store before our bus would arrive in order to pick up some lunch.

Our bus didn’t arrive.

Eventually, we realized that it must not run on Sundays. The nearest town with a train station is Carentan, and our best bet was to take a taxi to it. It was not an easy task to find an ATM in such a small place, but we eventually succeeded. We found a cafe where we could enjoy some more famous Normandy cider and asked the proprietor to call a cab for us.

He returned to tell us that there were no cabs, but he actually lived in Carentan himself and was about to head that way. We finished our ciders and hopped in his car. The man’s name is Julian. He was born in Paris but lives in Normandy now. His English was impressive. He learned it in Dublin.

We arrived in Carentan 45 minutes before the next train to Caen. Apparently, the train was broken–so the 45 minutes turned into 75 minutes. Carson and I were just happy to be there, though, and eventually arrived in Caen.

Once in Caen, we weren’t quite sure where we were going. We had arrived st that unfortunate time between lunch and dinner when all of the restaurants are closed. Therefore, there was nowhere to find wifi where we might locate the address of our hotel.

After enough wandering, it got later and things started to open up. We had a bottle of cider in a brasserie and found out the details of the place we were staying. Still exhausted from all our walking yesterday, we decided to take a cab.

At the hotel, they tried to tell us that the price was twice what we had seen online. When e pulled up the page they conceded and gave us the correct price. The receptionist was very fluent in English, and apparently in Spanish and French as well. I was impressed.

On Sundays, most things were closed. The receptionist pointed us in the direction of the city center, where things would be open if anything was. We picked up a bottle of bubble, and then walked further til we found a Boulangerie. There, we decided at we would have quiche and raspberry pastries for dinner,

Once we transported all of this back to the hotel, the feast began. It was one of the best meals we had so far and made up for the frustrating day. Although, to be fair, every meal in France is the best meal. And I like that about France.

I suppose the day wasn’t that eventful in the end, but it was another nice day in Normandy. We finally had a chance to relax. I am so glad that my ferry from Caen wasn’t today, it would have been impossible to make it and so stressful. Tomorrow will be the end to the wonderful trip, and I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to France and Carson.


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