Packing for Paris

Today was my only full day in Brighton between trips, and it was full of the general bustle of coming and going. I spent most of the day in studio. I had that one class of mine this morning, which was fine. It was the last chance I had to produce more work, and I think I’ve finished on a good note. We’ll see what my professors think.

I had planned this break between trips to allow me to attend both of my classes, one of which was today and the other tomorrow. Unfortunately, when I booked my flight, I hadn’t realized that Luton Airport was actually a 2 hour journey. That’s right. Getting to the airport will take me two whole hours by train, after which I will get on a one hour flight. I should have just taken the Eurostar! So I’m going to have to miss that class tomorrow after all, but that will only be my second absence of the entire term. Pretty impressive in light of all the traveling I’ve been doing.

I unpacked and repacked tonight. I’m getting better and better at packing light, although I still don’t know what I’m going to do about my month-long trip at the end of this… or when I’m going to plan that. I really need to make some plans. I was hoping to do a little of that tonight, but now it looks like it’s going to have to wait til I get back. Oh well.

I’m excited for this trip to France. The Normandy beaches are one of the top things I wanted to see in Europe. I’m also excited to see my friend Carson. He’s really more of Matthew’s friend. They were at West Point together, although Carson won’t graduate until next year. He’s currently in an exchange program in Spain, which is why he’s on this side of the pond. We originally got in touch because I wanted to go to Morocco but needed someone to travel with (according to my mother and my boyfriend) and somehow that plan evolved into… France. Much nearer than Africa. Just as exciting.

I realized today that I’m really looking forward to spending time with an American. I don’t see Jolie nearly enough. As similar as American and English cultures may be, it’s exhausting to be around after long enough. Little things are always getting lost in translation between English and American English, and it’s a lot of work to keep up with constantly. You’re also always worrying about humor. Do people understand my sarcasm, or do they just think I’m a horrible person?

And as much as I enjoy traveling alone, that’s tiring too. I’m looking forward to getting to share an adventure.


4 thoughts on “Packing for Paris

  1. Hahahahaha!!!! Remember that scene in “Father of the Bride” when Steve Martin tries to tell his daughter it’s cold outside, and she blows him off until her fiancée tells her the same thing? Matthew Howard just earned extra points with me, as if needed them.

    • Yeah….although Morrocco would be cool and exotic, I don’t think I’d recommend it to a beautiful young girl traveling alone… Thanks, Matthew.

  2. Amen. The American friends I met while in Europe are among my favorite people because we processed that whole experience together…and Christophe is one of my favorite all time people because he is so unique, energetic and genuinely kind. I hope you make it to Bordeaux to visit.

    I have loved following you through your blog. Thank you for updating daily. 🙂

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