The America Ground

I allowed myself to sleep in today because of my headache last night. There also wasn’t much I could do in studio. I’m using bowls as molds for my collages, a kind of papier-mache/collage hybrid. It involves so much water and glue that it take 2-3 days for it each one to dry so I can take out the collage and begin again. Currently, all three of my brilliant TK Maxx bowls are occupied in this fashion, so my hands are tied. I did make the mistake again of leaving my rings in studio yesterday afternoon, so I did at least want to stop by.

When I arrived, I immediately ran into my friend James and my professor Chris. I joined them outside while they smoked. The sun was out this afternoon, and the weather was just lovely. It’s beginning to seem like spring is finally here (knock on wood). I’m glad that I apply sunscreen every day. This is probably the first time since I arrived that it actually may have come in handy, but if I didn’t wear it every day then I would have been out of luck! No sun damage or skin cancer for this girl, thank you.

I retrieved my rings. I also couldn’t resist fiddling with my drying collages. I took one out of it’s mold far too early and destroyed the bottom layer of it. I think I was able to salvage it though, and returned it to the bowl. I won’t mess with it tomorrow or Sunday. I expect I’ll be too busy to make it into studio at all.

I’ve been getting a bit tired of the stew. As I mentioned, I’ve started in on the second half now which I’d kept in the freezer. Unfortunately, this made the potatoes a bit mealy. I’ve been doing so well though with saving money, and I wanted Chinese food so badly tonight, I decided to try out the the restaurant at the bottom of my block. It’s called Oriental Takeout. True to it’s name, it sold oriental food for takeout. My dinner cost all of £3.60 and came in tupperware that I can wash and use again. Not bad for a splurge. It was nearly 8:00 when I went out for it and the sun was still shining. It’s hard to believe that when I arrived it was pitch dark by 4:00. I know daylight savings time is on my side now, but still. I’m appreciating the extra hours.

Chris recommended the comedy Father Ted to me. It’s an Irish comedy about three Catholic priests at a small parish on a small island. As a cradle Catholic, I find it hilarious, but I really think anyone would get a good laugh from it. I started it this afternoon.

I promised myself that I would make a good, solid start on my essay today. It’s probably the third time I’ve made such a promise to myself, but this time I really meant it. I’m writing about Madame X by John Singer Sargent. It’s been my favorite painting for a long time so by this time I already know quite a bit about it, although I’ve never written anything on it before. Today I just wanted to get down the basics that I already knew about the piece and its context in a pretty informal sense. To my delight, this was enough to make up half the essay. I’ll flesh it out with a little more research, clean it up a little, expand on my points, and I should be done in no time. The hardest part is getting started, and I have accomplished that neatly.

Since I’m going to Hastings tomorrow, I decided to do a little research on the town tonight.

The Hastings website has a very strange tourism section. Under history, it doesn’t mention the famous Battle of Hastings at all. Instead, it advertises their annual Independent 4th of July celebration. Apparently, in 1828, Hastings declared itself independent from England and the 24th state of the United States of America. They just raised the American flag, a symbol of victory, and declared it. I’m not sure that the US ever got the memo. I don’t even know if England did. The website doesn’t really say how the story ends, but I assume at this point that Hastings is not a US State and is, in fact, a part of the UK. Either that or I slept through that day of American History in the 4th grade. But they still celebrate the 4th of July, god bless them.

Through google, I found some more useful information about visiting the town. There are smuggler’s caves, apparently, and those funny lifts to the top of their cliffs for all of £1.50. I believe that the “America Ground” is really just their town center these days, but it will be interesting to keep in mind while I’m walking around. Hilarious.

I did feel compelled to do a little more research into this, and found a much more helpful website for anyone else who’s curiosity was stirred:

I also learned a new English word today. Although I initially thought I was hearing “dunderoos.” I was thrilled to have finally found a rhyme for the word “kangaroo,” the last obstacle to my career as a famous poet. Unfortunately, I had misheard. The word for what we Americans foolishly call “overalls” is actually “dungaree;” dashing my hopes of becoming the world’s greatest poet as quickly as they had come. We all know free verse “poets” are delusional.*

*only joking!


2 thoughts on “The America Ground

  1. As your mom once told me, THE FREEZER IS YOUR FRIEND! Don’t eat the whole batch.

    Looking forward to hearing about Hastings.

  2. Re:bottomless bowl. This could be a statement. Are you sure you want bottoms in all your bowls? Do please send photos of your collage…I am so curious!

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