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It’s been an interesting day, or at least very productive. I woke up early because returning from trips always means extra time. I still haven’t properly unpacked, but there’s plenty of time for that later.

I went to the hardware store to buy large quantities of glue. I’ve been getting ready to begin work on a collage/papier mache project. I haven’t really done anything like it before, but I know it takes glue. I noticed a B&Q right by my house when I was first exploring Brighton, but I had never really spent any time there. It was neat. Much like English grocery stores, the organization is just sliiiightly different so it makes it hard to find anything specific. It’s interesting. It felt good to be back in a hardware store, too. In KC, I get most of my school supplies at Home Depot or Westlake Hardware.

I stopped back by the house for lunch, and then it was off to studio. Collage is much harder than I expected it to be on a 3D form. It’s either going to turn out good or really really bad. I won’t know which until it dries. Really hoping for the best…

I took off my class ring and my ring from turkey since I was getting glue everywhere. I almost never take it off for any reason. When I got home and was making dinner, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to put it back on. The studios were closed by that point so there was nothing to do. I’m not worried about it being stolen, it just feels really weird not to have it on. I’ve had it for four years now. I keep noticing it.

I’m going to London tomorrow, but now I think I’m going to have to stop by my studio first. I’d be thinking about it all day otherwise. London is going to be very exciting. Marcos invited me up to go see the George Bellows on at the Royal Academy. He’s an American realist painter of fine midwestern stock, so even though he mostly paints NYC it will still be a little taste of home.


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