Studio & Supply Shopping

So today is Dover Eve. I haven’t really thought much about it all day, so I’m only now beginning to get those pre-travel jitters. I haven’t even packed yet, but I think I might save that for morning. After all, I’m only going to be gone for one night. I’m sure it will be fine. I just need to be at Brighton Station before 10:30. I’m so excited. I know it’s only a small English town, but there are just so many cool things there… and I’m so excited to get out of Brighton. I like Brighton just fine, but I’m a little lonely here. When I’m traveling, I usually meet other travelers… and even if I don’t, I’m too distracted to notice.

I had that studio visit with Chris today, the painting department head. Since I haven’t seen my professor once about my work this semester (and only two times total), Chris will be grading me. The final day for our major studio course is April 28th, then on May 7th my paper is due and my faculty option is over. I’m free to leave after that, which is plenty of time to get on a train and explore Europe. I’m very excited. I need to tell Alec and Alice I’ll be leaving a bit earlier than expected. I will be sad to say goodbye to them.

The studio visit went really well. I really haven’t done much this semester, but we had a really interesting conversation for an hour and a half and I feel like I now have a sense of direction. Chris is such an interesting fellow and I have so much respect for him. Getting the chance to go to Berlin with he and Tony was really wonderful. Now I just hope my projects go according to plan. I don’t have much time to get it right. We’re graded on our studio work on April 28th.

After my chat with Chris, I had some supplies to get. I need some lifestyle magazines. I didn’t really know where to find magazines in Brighton. James wanted to get some coffee around that point anyway, After that we split up. He went back to studio and I went to Churchill Square, the large shopping center. I may or may not have gotten a little distracted while I was there, but I did eventually find the big bookstore with the magazine section. Between that and the pound store, I found almost everything I needed. Now I just need to locate some glue. I also stopped by the train station on my way back to get my tickets for tomorrow. Now I don’t have to worry about getting to the station super early. I am ready to go!

Tonight was just a quiet night at home. Stew leftovers continue to be delicious. Netflix has an endless amount of trashy television shows that I can play in the background while slipping photos of chairs and lamps from magazines. I had to have my flatmate help me deal with a spider in my room. My pride was stronger than my fear and I tried to do it myself, but even standing on my chair I was too short. He didn’t really let me explain, I just said “hey Alec, there’s a spider and…” and he was like “on it!” Glad to have him around.

That spider sure got my adrenaline going, but I need to get to bed. Gotta try to get some rest before the big little adventure tomorrow.


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