International Cuteness

First, I have an announcement to make. The Blanck family would like to welcome its newest member!

baby no name #2! (Kathleen, you’ll always be baby-no-name #1 to me)

So today was a pretty good studio day. I got there early, but not before I booked my weekend trip. I decided to go to Dover! Saturday is actually supposed to be beautiful, so it should be a good day to see those white cliffs. There are two castles and quite a lot of other things to see and do. Best of all, Dover has a pretty interesting history with both World Wars aaaaand secret war tunnels. Thanks to my Mom for knowing about those. I cannot wait to go find them. I’m staying in a B&B instead of a hostel, which sounds adorable and it will be a nice change. I go on Saturday, be back Sunday night.

Tomorrow will be that little visit with my teacher. I’m looking forward to that so I can start making my travel arrangements. I’m really looking forward to getting back into Europe. It’s funny how English people don’t think that they’re European, but I’m starting to feel it too.

It was snowing this morning when I left the house. The walk to school is longer than I remember. Every single day. It never gets any shorter. I’m starting to feel like I belong here though, when I walk down the street. The normal feeling of it all is quite exotic and a little exciting. I like Brighton. I like the walking.

I learned two new hilarious English pronunciations of words today. Pastel is pronounced PASTul, and zebra is pronounced zehbra. Also, it’s funny how the g is usually dropped from “ing” and any word ending in a is pronounced er instead. “I made a PASTul drawin of a zehbrer named Beller runnin the the safari.” I’ve stopped associating the English accent with being inherently sophisticated.

I’ve been suffering from a lot of migraines this week, which just make me so tired. I got to studio very early but I didn’t quite make it all day. I feel better about what I’m making now. Still, I’m finding it difficult. And I’m running out of British comedies to watch.

Sorry this is short, but studio doesn’t really make for very good stories. I’ll have an adventure this weekend, and when the weather gets nicer in Brighton I’ll find that nude beach.


2 thoughts on “International Cuteness

  1. Not sophisticated?

    I remember the EXACT moment when I realized that the beautiful French language contained an arsenal of horrifically graphic and frequently used profane phrases. (no wonder I loved it there).

    I take magnesium nightly. It’s supposed to be a migraine preventative. Try it. It can’t hurt.

  2. Here are some other migraine easers….ice bag to the head, caffeine (even at night. It’s better than pain), a long hot shower beating on your head, and French fries (due to salt?). Tried that last one just recently and it did work sort of the one time I tried it. I also take magnesium. When u get home, you must visit my neurologist. He believes in preventative meds.

    Now, about Dover. I will think of u as being in a quaint English novel that takes place about early to mid 20th century. Lots of sun. Gigantic white clouds, a lovely breeze, and the smell of the ocean mixing with flowers from an English country garden. Throw in a picket fence, some fishermen, cottages, and one post office. Have a wonderful time!

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