Easter Monday!

Today was Easter Monday and the fourth and final day of England’s bank holiday. This means that tomorrow, I can finally get in to studio and do some work. It’s been a little tough for me this semester. It’s hard to know where to start when you’ve left all your supplies and notes on the other side of the ocean. Also, when you’re traveling all the time. But I’m in Brighton for a few weeks now, hopefully I can get down to it.

Today was uneventful. I’ve started watching the latest season of Parks & Rec and have been reminded why it is one of my all-time favorite shows. Solitaire has not been going so well for me today. I swear I’m being dealt un-winnable hands. Also, I have discovered brussel sprouts and cannot stop eating them.

I sat down and tried to start writing that paper today. However, the essays that my professor posted online for us aren’t downloading correctly. Several of my classmates are having similar problems, and we’re all trying to get someone to email us copies. I’ll work more on that tomorrow when I see people in person. I’m looking forward to that.

For anyone who’s counting, yesterday was England’s daylight savings so I am now (once again) exactly 6 hours ahead of Central Standard Time.

Wow. I wish I could say more, but today was really, really uneventful. I actually spent quite a lot of it trying to track down those essays I need to write my paper. I’m going to make it an early night tonight so I can get up and into studio at a decent time tomorrow. I’m ready to get some work done! And maybe look for a place to do Bikram Yoga.


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