Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone has had a blessed day, and continued to pray for my Nonnie. I hear she’s doing much better already, so let’s keep it up!

I’m sad I couldn’t be with her this Sunday, and the rest of my beautiful family. This is the first major family holiday I have missed out on in my life. The Blancks, unlike some families, have a lot of major holidays. We also have a dozen or so annual extended-family traditions, and approximately 52 “reunions” (family dinner on Sunday). Of course, I’ve been missing Sunday dinner. I miss my family. But today is the first big celebration that I missed out on, and it was kinda tough. Everything is pretty much closed, so I spend the day at home. It wasn’t special. I played some solitare.

Actually, I kicked butt at solitaire. My new winning streak is 13 games, and my best best time is 1:36. Yes, I am my father’s daughter. But still. Pretty lonely.

To be fair, I think they missed me too. Mom told the kids that the Easter Bunny couldn’t come this year because she’s studying abroad. Very subtle. From what I hear, this didn’t go over to well with some particularly ungrateful siblings of mine who aren’t just happy to be spending the day with their family. Were I that lucky! I hope they didn’t take it too hard, though. This bunny wishes she could have hidden their eggs.

Mom, this is for you. For some reason, all bunny talk made me think of it:

(my favorite part is the asparagus solo)

Easter has changed a little bit over the years. It used to be at one of three houses: the Lancey’s BKS, the John Blanck’s, and the Mark Blanck’s.

The Lancey’s hosted Easter when I was super young. My only real memory of this is that special time when all the kids were banished to the basement so they couldn’t spy on the Easter Bunny when he hid eggs about half way through the day. This was during the early days of computers and internet, and the Lancey’s had just gotten a scanner. I remember cousins all fighting over who got to try to shove their face in it, and trying to figure out all the things we could scan. If I remember correctly, someone (possibly me) was very concerned that the light of the scanner would blind you if you kept your eyes open. Yes, those were magical times.

The Mark Blancks and John Blancks live about three houses away from each other, and they traded Easter back and forth for a few years. The Mark Blanck’s had the ideal set-up because they had a finished and kid-friendly basement. They had an awesome pinball machine, and either Jillian or Tina always had a cool craft project going on that Jillian could show me. I remember more about the actual egg-hunting, here. The Easter Bunny got pretty creative. Somehow, a few eggs made it to some pretty high places: gutters, lamp posts, trees. The older cousins and younger (at heart) parents made it their job to throw things at these eggs until they were dislodged and fell to the ground.

The Mark Blancks do have some pretty magnificent trees. There is an amazing pine tree in their front yard that the braver cousins (never me) would climb as high as they could. This thing is taller than the house. One very sad Easter, Jillian fell out of this tree and skinned her leg terribly. I think tree-climbing while wearing dresses pretty much ended after that, forever tying my fate to the grassy ground below.

Now, the John-Blancks have a killer attic. We’re talking plastic play house, pool table, guitar hero, mini bar… the only issue on Easter was the windows. Sentries were stationed around the perimeter of the attic to ward off all the younger cousins, who had already been made to promise not to peek. They had a great yard for egg hunts, except I remember one year not being able to figure out how to open the chain-link fence to get from their front yard to their back yard. Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe this is where my little brother Michael had his first holiday pogo-stick accident. First of many. Large family gatherings seem to be the only time he has any interest in pogo-ing… not sure why that is.

Although Easter is no longer held at their house, the John Blancks have taken on responsibility for one of our most cherished Easter traditions: the bunny cakes. My uncle uploaded this picture of the 2013 edition this morning. They did a fabulous job. Those beautiful girls are my talented cousins Nicole and Emilie. oh, and my uncle John.

Bunny Cakes 2013!

Easter is now, once again, held at the Lancey’s. It’s a different house, though. As soon as the last of their three boys left for college, they moved out of their (relatively) small Brookside home and into this fabulously luxurious palace. The yard is huge, the bathrooms have heated floors, the fireplace works… lap of luxury. To top it all off their basement is the ultimate man cave, complete with beer on tap. If that doesn’t say Easter to you, then you’re not a Blanck. or Lancey.

I’ve had a hard time getting off work for the holiday since about the time we moved Easter to the Lancey palace. I had that stinkin’ job at Waldo Pizza, so I had to come late or leave early. Still, I remember some good egg hunts. They have lots of good nooks and crannies for the true egg strategist or older cousin. Best of all, I love chillin on their patio next to the fire pit with my Nonnie and all the aunties.

Even though I couldn’t be at her house with everyone else, my godmother aunt Jeanne made sure that the bunny found me today. Thank you Jeanne! I love you!

I miss my family a lot today.


2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. We missed you too. The bunny cakes were delicious. Your Nonnie was there and looking well. Jeanne did an amazing job of hosting everyone. I’m afraid a certain cousin of yours who shall remain un-named busted the Easter Bunny hiding eggs, but was so lazer focused on finding candy that the significance of the moment didn’t truly sink in.

    Love and miss you!

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