Easter Eve

For everyone out there who spent 15 years in Catholic school, today is Holy Saturday. For the rest of everybody, today is Easter Eve… and one of my favorite days of the holiday. Tonight, I wish I was home and locked in my mom’s room, working on a TOP SECRET project that happens to happen ever Easter Eve. That’s all I can say. I mean, it’s top secret.

Okay, I stuff eggs full of candy and then I hide them. Yes, I have become the Primary Easter Bunny for my household in recent years. I wish I was there tonight.

Today in Brighton has been like any other day. I didn’t go out today. There’s no where to really go if you’re not spending money, and I am saving up for my next round of trips. I did do some interesting research on how to get a Russian tourist visa. I’m not sure if the extra money and trouble is worth it for a weekend in Moscow, but I’m also not sure when I’ll have this chance again. Flights are still the cheapest way to get on the continent, but if I’m traveling to a bunch of different places in a short amount of time there are some great deals on Youth Eurorail passes. I’m trying to figure out if I can just spend my last 22 days in Europe taking the train everywhere… but I have to make sure it’s cool with my professors if I leave Brighton a little early. We’ll see.

So I’ve been concerned that my blog posts have been a little dull lately. Certainly after all my recent adventures, stories of me sitting at home in Brighton really aren’t too captivating. I’m a little bored myself. The weather will be nice next week and the studios will be open again, so my life should get a little more lively. Until then, I thought of something else you might be interested in.

For my “faculty option,” which is Brighton’s version of a studio elective, I’ve been keeping a sketchbook based on my traveling. I decided that I would not do any drawing from life. For one, I already know I can do that. Also, that’s what I have a camera for. So instead of that, I’ve just been drawing from my memory and my imagination. I’ve never really practiced at anything like that before, and it’s been a very interesting learning experience for me. It’s very focused around my impressions of the places. The sketchbook makes more sense as a whole, but here are a few pages that I thought were interesting:












and here are a couple drawings (not a part of the sketchbook project) that I did today to kinda warm back up to the whole art-making thing





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