one last day!

Yes, I spent another full day without leaving the house. But my sleep patterns are finally beginning to return to normal, and I had a lot more energy today. I was productive around the house and I did some Pilates. Tomorrow I’ll be getting out.

I didn’t start my paper, but I decided what it will primarily be about… so I figure that’s a pretty big step in the right direction. I unpacked from my trip and tried to tidy my room a bit. I did the best I could. It’s actually really hard to be neat here. I really have no place to put things, especially as I accumulate more and more gifts for my family and my fabulous boyfriend. It’s just hard to live somewhere while knowing that it’s extremely temporary. I don’t have any real storage options, and I don’t want to invest in furniture that I’ll be leaving in a few short months. It’s not like I could take any of that back across the ocean with me, and even if I could I have a fully furnished room at home.

I am in the beginning stages of planning my next trips. I’ll be meeting a friend in France for a day in Paris and a trip to Normandy. I’m waiting to finalize those dates before I start thinking about my other trips. I’m at the point in my trip where it’s getting more difficult to decide where I want to go. In the beginning, I was just excited to go anywhere. That’s how I ended up in Istanbul, which has been far and away the highlight. Now, I’m about half-way through my time here and I’m starting to realize that every place I do go means that I’m not able to go somewhere else.

Auschwitz and Normandy are a given. Beyond those, though, I can basically choose between one of two strategies. I can either take several short trips to places near England (like Amsterdam, Scotland, Bordeaux), or fewer trips to farther destinations (Moscow and St Petersberg, Prague, Vienna and Budapest, Italy and Spain). It’s a tough decision to make. I know that this is not the only time I will be in Europe in my life, so I don’t have to see everything… but I really, really want to. To make things more complicated, I had zero expectations when I booked my trip for Istanbul… and it completely blew me away. That was sheer luck! What else is out there that I don’t know I’m missing, and how do I find it?

Tomorrow I’m going to venture back out into the world. I think I’ll wake up early and head to studio to make some art. School is now in its month long Easter Break, but I do have to get some work done eventually.


One thought on “one last day!

  1. When in Normandy, I hope you go to Omaha Beach. It’s overwhelming on so many levels. Am so glad to learn your energy is returning…sooo glad. Lova ya!

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