Good Friday.

I think I spoke a little too soon about feeling better.

I was fine in the morning today. I didn’t get an early start, but I was up fairly late last night so I wasn’t too worried about it. The weather wasn’t as cold as I had expected. I enjoyed the walk to my campus, but when I arrived I found it locked. I guess it hadn’t occurred to me that my university would be closed for Good Friday. Alice was talking about a four day weekend this morning, but I didn’t really make the connection. I was really forgetful and a little out of it. So, I suppose the school will be closed through Easter Monday. This is a bit of a bummer, since all my supplies are inside and I was looking forward to getting back into the studio.

I needed some new supplies anyway. I don’t really have much in the way of paper, and I think that my work this semester will be more focused around drawing rather than painting. I decided to go to a stationary store that’s nearby the school, but on my way I passed Pound Land and decided to just check it out. I was delighted to find that they have a kid’s craft section. I made out with paper, assorted pens, markers, pencils, and a few other goodies for only 7 pounds. I was feeling even weirder than I had earlier, though, and had a hard time being focused. My migraines are slightly different each time, so I waited til I got home before I took my medication.

The bummer about my medication is that it makes me really loopy. It’s the kind of stuff you’re not allowed to drive when you take. You really shouldn’t be allowed to go grocery shopping, either. I went to the store for one thing, wandered around for ages, and came out with much more than I really needed. I tried to pay the cashier three times. Feeling dizzy like that upsets my stomach, and the medicine makes me incredibly drowsy, but it was too late in the day to take a nap unless I wanted to stay up all night.

I had potato soup and brussel sprouts for dinner, then basically spent the rest of the afternoon and evening fighting to stay awake until an appropriate hour. At around 9:30, I decided that hour had arrived, and now it’s time for bed.

Today really wasn’t what I had hoped. My migraine medication makes me really weird. Even Alice commented on how strange I was acting… but it’s better than having a migraine!

Oh, and here’s some good news in regards to the travel situation! I did a little research on airfare last night, and I might not have to choose after all. Round-trip to Moscow is only £100! Round trip to Krakow is only 18-freaking-pounds. I forget how cheap and easy it is to get around Europe. I am so excited to start finalizing some of these plans.


5 thoughts on “Good Friday.

  1. Sorry about the headache, but I’d take loopy over migraine any day. I can’t believe the travel deals you’re getting. Last night, I was going to campaign for Bordeaux (still might…you’d have an amazing host family and they have incredible sights/amazing food…way better than Paris)…but if the choice is BX or Moscow….well….that’s a tough decision.

  2. I am sitting here with an ice bag on my head, and feeling guilty for passing those genes on to you. I remember when you were at most two years old and told us your eyebrows hurt. I knew you had a headache. Susie asks for a ” poor baby,” at times such as these, so here’s one for you… “Poor sweet baby.” Sleep well.

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