So I ended up just buying more storage space from wordpress. It wasn’t too expensive, and I’m obviously going to have a lot more photos over the next two months. I really am down to only two months left here, which is so hard to believe. I have two more trips that I absolutely must do before I head back to the States: Auschwitz and Normandy. Besides those, I would really like to visit Italy if I have the chance, or head to Amsterdam for a weekend.

I successfully spend the day at home today, but I had to really fight the desire to start planning more trips. I won’t be actually going anywhere anytime soon, but I really will have to start working on the travel arrangements if I want to be able to afford to go anywhere. Things are only cheap pretty far in advance. I just want one or two more days of peace and non-stressfulness before I dive back into that ballgame. I’ll be double and triple checking my reservation confirmations from here on out. I can’t afford any more surprises.

The chicken fiesta I made in the crock pot today was especially good. It’s my favorite recipe. I think after this, I’ll make stew. I watched quite a bit of the Office (the US version). I’ve seen a lot of English TV lately and I was just in the mood for something a bit more homey. On a side note. I feel like English people refuse to watch the US Office as a matter of principle. I can maybe understand that a little. It’s hard to admit when someone takes something you did that was pretty good and makes it so much better. Look, I’ve seen both versions. I’ve seen a lot of other British comedies at this point, too. The British Office is okay. It’s not better than the American version. There are other British shows that can compete with our comedies, but the UK Office is just not one of them.

I hear all kinds of excuses from English people about how their humor is more subtle while ours is more slapstick, but I’ve seen both sides of the pond now and that’s just not always true.

Sorry for the tangent.

Here are my Versailles photos!


One thought on “Versailles!

  1. My friend Patti recently went to Auschwitz. I don’t know if I could handle that. It’s hard to fathom such tragedies, but important to try.

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