Berlin Ballhaus!

I think that perhaps, at this point, I’ve built up kind of a travel stamina. I easily woke up for 8:00 breakfast, but I was the only one. Well, not the only one. There’s another tour group of English youth that checked in to the hostel last night. The 40 of them had been playing amazingly rowdy drinking games late into the night, and yet seemed just as rowdy as they crowded the breakfast area this morning. It’s impressive.

Both Tony and Chris were going to the Hamburger Banhoff Museum. Tony was leaving about an hour earlier, so I joined his little group again. There were about 9 of us this time, but we split up when we hit the museum itself. Admission into the temporary exhibits were pretty pricey, but of course it was the reason most people were there. Personally, I was more than happy to see the Anselm Keirer, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Rauschenberg, and the rest of the star studded collection.

Lilly and I were the only two to set off to find the free galleries, but I actually don’t think there was anywhere in that museum that was free. Fortunately, no one stopped us. The guards taking tickets at the doors let us walk right past, over and over again. Sometimes they’d be busy taking someone else’s ticket and sometimes they just wouldn’t say anything, but it was awesome and amazingly lucky. I don’t know if it’s because there was a large school group around our age, because we’re young women, or simply because we moved with confidence… But it as awesome. We saw the major Klippenberger retrospective and really got the most out of our free trip to the museum.

My foot hurt more today than it has in a long time. I think it’s the cold. You’re supposed to keep the tendons warm, but instead I’ve had wet feet packed with ice in freezing weather.



After this, a few people wanted to hit the vintage stores. We had found out online that many of them had “happy hour” on Tuesday afternoons, where all of their clothes are discounted. I was only planning to go to one or two, but after the first one nobody wanted to go back to the museums with me so I stayed on.

It was a really fun afternoon. The vintage scene really is great in Berlin, and second-hand clothes are an interesting way to get to know a culture. There were more hats and coats and fur here, which I guess makes sense. I didn’t find anything that I particularly wanted to buy. Unfortunately, not a lot of things fit me (or they were totally out of my price range).

I do regret a little bit that I spent so much time shopping. It feels like we’re going to be here forever, but really tomorrow is our last full day. There’s still a lot more that I want to see, but all of these things are in the opposite directions from each other. I’ve hit the centrally located sites because they’ve been easy, and generally nearby where we’ve already been.

We went out to dinner as a group to celebrate the birthday of Chris, our fearless leader. He booked us a reservation at Clärchens Ballhaus. The place was awesome. The tables surrounded a large dance floor, which was full of people ballroom dancing. Full! On a snowy, Tuesday night! It’s ballroom dancing every night of the week, and I would just love to see it on a Friday. Ballroom dancing is a hobby I definitely want o have when I’m a little bit older and have a little more time.

It was really nice to have dinner with everyone. This school is so great because everyone seems to get along with one another. All of the other students are so wonderful and nic. We ran into the typical problems of a 30+ person party with split checks, but it all worked out in the end.

I had been feeling a little sick all day, or actually the way I had since Saturday. It’s a strange cross between hunger and nausea. After dinner, which was pizza, I felt much better. I inexplicably lost my voice, but all was well.

It was late by the time we left the ballroom, so we all decided to go back and get to sleep. I think tomorrow, our last night, might be the big going-out night.


3 thoughts on “Berlin Ballhaus!

  1. Anna, take better care of yourself. You don’t want laryngitis, like I had last Spring in Mexico, or some other malady. Unfortunately, travel exposes us to many unfamiliar bacteria.

    If you suspect an upper respiratory infection during the courses of your travels, I would suggest you get a throat culture test which will tell you whether it is bacterial or viral, and which antibiodic is most effective against it (avoid all the antibiodics with the most negative side effects). Don’t waste time and antibiodics that don’t work.

    Fortunately in Mexico, a throat culture test “exudado faringeo”, including the tincion de gram, microorganismo aislado, and antibiograma, only costs about $15 usd. I hope affordable care is available in Europe.

    Keep your feet dry, and wear appropriate shoes for walking and running.

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