So, I bought the cheapest Chunnel ticket to Paris for tomorrow, which happens to be just after 5 AM. I didn’t realize at the time that the public transportation in London didn’t start running til 5. This meant that I couldn’t stay with Jolie, my fabulous London friend, and I had to find a hostel for the night. fortunately, there are several convenient places to stay near St Pancras (the international/Eurostar traing station). 

i headed to London straight after class but my afternoon was compromised by a killer migraine. thankfully I had a bed to rest in and my naratryptan. After about four hours it was a manageable, although not completely better. I had made dinner plans with Maros to go to a Peruvian restaurant. His family is from Peru, and he actually used to be a waiter at this place.

Marcos had mentioned Ceviche a few times before now, and we even tried to go there after our visit to the Tower of London. Our plans that day were foiled by  “person under train” on our line, which stops all the trains from running. Then, when I was in Istanbul, my new friend Tomas was telling me about none other than ceviche. 

The food and cocktails were delicious, and I think it helped my head a bit. Raw fish is helpful for me for numerous ailments.I also had cow heart for the first time, and made it back to the hostel in time to get to bed at a relatively decent hour. Still, I hope I can sleep on the train.


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