Safe and Sound

It’s not that a four-hour flight is especially long, but travel is so exhausting. The Istanbul Ataturk airport is a special kind of hell, as is the traffic on the way there. Then, once in Heathrow, you’re still a long way from Brighton. There are customs to contend with, then a rather long ride on the underground to the train station, then you have to wait for the next actual train, and after spending an hour on that train, it’s another 30 minute walk home. Still, it’s strange how normal it’s becoming. Coming back to London is kinda… easy. I’m comfortable with it, it’s familiar. Which is actually pretty exciting. It’s been 46 days and I’m getting the hang of it.

Istanbul was wonderful, but it feels so good to be alone. I’ve been in a crowded city and sharing a room with 7 other people since last Wednesday. I saw a lot of truly amazing things and I met some great people, but I need to rest and recover.

I’m working on uploading photos, and I’m aiming to have them on the blog by tomorrow… but there are a lot of them. I’ll work on it after my morning class, and tell you about my last day in Istanbul. I didn’t end up going on a boat tour, but it was a good end to a good trip.

For now, just know that I’m “home” and safe. Mom, grandma, you can stop holding your breath.


2 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. Big sigh, big exhale. I love you so much and am pleased to hear u r “home.” I am also delighted your trip was wonderful. Sleep well, Sweet Pea.

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