Istanbul in Color

I just wrote a very long post about my last day in Istanbul, and when I attempted to upload it, wordpress had a glitch and I lost it all. It has a lot of my reflections about the trip. I will hopefully have the chance to expand on that at a later time, but not tonight. I need to unpack from Istanbul and repack for Paris and Berlin, for which I am leaving tomorrow. So, this breaks my heart, but I have to give you the short version:

I woke up late, at 8:30, the same time as the rest of my roommates. We decided to spend the morning together. Judith, a German girl who has been to Istanbul many times, took us to the Little Hagia Sophia. It was beautiful. It was built during one of the Byzantine periods of iconoclasm, so none of the original decorations had to be destroyed when it was converted into a Mosque.

We went to the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar and had Turkish pizza before we split up. Judith and I were both leaving that afternoon so we headed back the the hotel.

The traffic on the way to the airport made New York City look like Kansas City on a Sunday. The airport itself is awful, I support Turkey’s decision to build the largest airport in the world in the next few years.

A very nice lady sold me a cheaper ticket to Brighton than I was really entitles to. I got back late at night. The trip was incredibly interesting and amazing and the experience was unlike anything I’d ever had before. I am so happy I went, I feel so blessed right now in my life.

I know this is what you all really wanted, anyway: pictures! Click on an individual photo to see it larger, and it will open a screen with right and left arrows that will allow you to click through all the photos at a larger size if you want to. There are about 700 photos from the trip, but I narrowed it down to these:


3 thoughts on “Istanbul in Color

  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting all of your pictures! I was a little afraid when I heard you were going alone to Istanbul….now I want to go myself! You’re the coolest niece in the world!

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