wait… the Oscars are tonight?

The weather here is so cold, I cannot wait to go to Istanbul. I won’t need my heavy coat when I get there, but I can’t decide whether or not I should bring it so I don’t freeze on the walk between my house and the train station. It takes a little over 20 minutes, but if the weather is going to be anything like today I don’t think I could have made it.

I actually walked to the train station today. I’ve started buying my rail tickets online in advance so that they’re cheaper and I can avoid queues. However, you need to be able to present the card used to make the purchase in order to retrieve the tickets. The machines that are usually used for this function don’t recognize my card. In Europe, cards all have little chips at one end. Instead of swiping it, like you do in America, you just stick the end of the card into a shallow slot and leave it there. Since I have an American card, to retrieve my pre-purchased tickets I have to wait in line to see an actual live teller. This isn’t usually a problem, but the lines can be somewhat unpredictable and I usually run late. So, to be safe, I went up there today just to collect all the train tickets I’ll be using for the next few weeks. These include the ones I bought for my sister. I can’t believe how soon she’ll be here!

I wanted to do this today because I’m catching the 9 AM to London tomorrow. It’s the first train after peak times, when fares are nearly double. I’m meeting Marcos at the Tower at 10:30, and we have another ambitious day planned.

The weather won’t be nearly as nice as it was last Monday. Like I said, temperatures plummeted. It was nearly perfect a week ago, but today I couldn’t feel my toes when I got back home. Thank goodness Al and Alice had a fire on.

foot model!

foot model!

I walked around a few shops today, looking for cheap shoes. I don’t think there  is such a thing in Brighton. Even stores with traditionally poor-quality goods at cheap prices, like H&M, seemed weirdly expensive. The quality was still rubbish, but they were charging more than £30. The shoes that my Mom got for me are amazing, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that they were the only wearable pair that I had. It was like a shoe-pocalypse after I arrived. My wardrobe is split pretty evenly between brown-shoes clothes and black-shoes clothes, so just one more pair would have me totally set.

I found a really great pair of Italian vintage leather boots with rabbit fur trim. They were on sale from 70 to 40, and I haggled the price down to 30. They fit perfectly, very comfortable, only lightly worn, they’re a good lasting quality, and they’re extremely cute. It’s more than I was hoping to spend, but it didn’t look like I was finding anything cheaper. I’m really happy with them!


shoe model: my new career?


work it!

I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow and finding out who won the Oscars. Actually, I thought they’d already happened… but now that I know they’re tonight, I’m excited again. I wish I could have been at an awesome Oscars party with my Mom, and I really wish I could have gone to see the Oscar Shorts at the Tivoli with everyone. That’s always such a fun time. I can’t wait til next year!


2 thoughts on “wait… the Oscars are tonight?

  1. Susan had her Oscar party. She didn’t even announce it, we just showed up. Dave and I saw django the afternoon leading up to it just to round up our Oscar viewing. You were right. I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

  2. Cute shoes! Who knew shoes and fur could be a combo?!?

    Smart, picking up your tickets in advance. I hope you make it inside the Tower this time. You will be glad yu went before high season,

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