work work work

I have a headache tonight.

Today was cold out again. The weather had gotten so nice last week I was hoping that spring was coming up. Apparently not yet.

I went in to school today to see how the hanging was going. My job as a curator was find the best place for all of the work. Now, it’s the job of a separate hanging team to come through and actually get the pieces onto the walls. Everyone has been working very hard, and it’s really starting to come together. I pitched in a little towards the end. I’m excited to see how it looks when it’s finished.

Here’s what it looks like in progress:

DSCN1317 DSCN1319 DSCN1321

We’re mostly waiting on the printmakers and performing arts students to finalize their work. The opening is on Tuesday, but apparently no one works over the weekend. We have a day and a half left, if we really need it. I’m sure it will all come together.

On Fridays, we also have “seminars.” The class meets with the professor for our year, Madeline, and the students who want feedback on their work bring it with them. It’s like an informal, optional critique once a week. It seemed rather odd to have one today in the midst of all the chaos to get ready for the show, but it was interesting. I like the work being done by the other students and it’s interesting to hear what the dialogue is like apart from KCAI. The conversation here is definitely different.

Other than the hard work, though, today was pretty uneventful. I’ve been enjoying a lot of English comedies lately and made some more popcorn tonight. I’m afraid my Chicken Fiesta leftovers are going fast. I may have to make it again soon.


One thought on “work work work

  1. Anna, the show is very well done. I like how the colors work in the various groupings and it looks very professionally put together. I never gave much thought to what a curator does, but now I know and am impressed.


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