Technical Difficulties

After one full month daily evoked daily updating, I am disappointed not to have been able to blog yesterday. Unfortunately, by the time I made it home from London, I found out was home Internet wasn’t working.

I still haven’t figured out how to fix it. I am at school now.

Hopefully I will have the situation figured out by tonight so I can tell you all about my wonderful day in London. If not, it may be a while til I can update again. I seem to have injured my knee yesterday. I haven’t decided what to do yet, but I might be trying to stay at home and keep off it.

The only bad thing about a walking city is that there’s really no way not to walk.


5 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Anna, England has socialized medicine. One advantage is that you can get care there. I know several folks who had very serious situations who received wonderful cost free care. Ask around. It’s hard when you hurt. 😦 in the meantime. Use ice on your knee. I want you to be well ’cause I love you.
    Each night I read your blog out loud to Al. It’s a wonderful way to end our day. Sending healing thoughts!
    Grandma Prouty

    • You aren’t privy to the free care unless your stay is 6 months or longer… but mine is only 5. The good news is that RICE seems to be improving my situation significantly, and Mom was able to sort out the health insurance situation today!

      • That’s interesting. I had a friend who had a stroke on-board a ship on her way to England and had brain surgery in England. Another friend (Shane Lutz’s grandma who goes KCAI) who had a heart attack and was hospitalized for quite a while and received excellent care. Perhaps, it has to be a life threatening emergency to get help. So sorry. Aren’t you glad your mom takes such good care of you. Take care sweet one!
        Grandma P

      • They did tell me that if I ever have an emergency I can get treatment, which was a relief. I also don’t really think they’d turn me away if I showed up, based on a few David Sedaris stories I read. Very credible source 😉 but hopefully it won’t have to come to that!

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