One Month

I arrived in Brighton one month ago, today. It’s hard to believe how quickly the time is going. The weather, again, was gorgeous. After two consecutive days of sunshine, I had to buy sunglasses. I just can’t handle that much brightness anymore.

see what I mean?

see what I mean?

The sun is even predicted to keep up through my trip to London tomorrow. I’m spending the day with my friend Marcos who I met on my last trip. We’re headed to the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Modern, and the Tower of London.

I decided that today would be another good beach day. I still haven’t walked all the way to the end of the pier. It was closed due to snow the first time I went, and yesterday I bypassed the pier to walk along the beach. But I was in no hurry. After I left the house, I meandered through the Lanes. On Sundays, everyone spreads their shops out into the streets. It was absolutely packed today. I don’t really like big crowds like that, but the spectacle was entertaining. I meandered around through flea and antique markets on the less-busy streets. Some of them smelled pretty nasty, and they have the oddest things over here…

larger than life! ...well, larger than me

larger than life! …well, larger than me

I ended up not making it to the beach at all. I caught a late lunch at a pub. All the pubs in England are so traditional, and basically all the same. It’s kinda nice.

DSCN1203 DSCN1199

I had to head back after that because the grocery stores close early on Sundays and I desperately needed more food. I’ll be making one of my Mom’s crockpot recipes on Tuesday, and wouldn’t have had a chance to go to the store tomorrow what with London. I like to walk back through the Pavilion gardens. It’s really a shortcut, and it’s quite pretty. I passed through right before sunset.

DSCN1208 DSCN1215

Hopefully I’ll be seeing the museum and taking the tour sometime this week. I have tentative plans to do so with my friend Jaakko. I need to scope it out before May when I bring my Mom and Dad!


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