pajama day

I spent today in the house.

I woke up to the fabulous news that Kathleen had gotten her flight to London. She’ll be arriving one month from today, and I couldn’t be more excited. We had already worked out a rough itinerary, so I immediately set out to finalize our plans while she’s here. Unfortunately, with the cheap airlines, prices increase steadily as the dates draw closer. The prices of the flights I had been looking at before had all doubled. It’s not as bad as it sounds–a £30 became £60 flight. Still chump change when you’re talking about Dublin, or Paris.

We’re talking about both. Kathleen’s flights are perfect. She leaves KC after school on Friday and arrives Saturday morning. She doesn’t have to leave until the following Sunday, and she’ll be on the ground by Sunday evening. Saturday, we’re hoping to go straight to Stonehenge and Bath. Sunday we’re going to Dublin to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Monday we’re hitting Liverpool on the way back to Brighton. After we spend a day in Brighton, we’ll go to London for a few nights and then over to Paris for the weekend. It’s going to be one hell of a trip… but that’s how my family does it. We vacation hard! Getting our plans settled took almost all of my day, so even though I spent it in my pajamas, I was very productive.

You know what’s crazy? So, I bought a pay-as-you-go phone when I got here. Today, I ran out of my free minutes, so I went online to buy some more. Come to find out, the stupid company can’t take non-UK credit cards online. They service so many people in so many countries, but they can’t take my money because my card has a US billing address. That doesn’t even make sense.

Since I had a long productive day and my phone was out of order, I decided to spend the night in. It’s hard to feel like a day hasn’t been wasted when you’re in Europe and don’t even go out your front door. I’m sure Kathleen and I will more than make up for it. It had to get sorted out sometime.

I’m almost done with my pork leftovers from last Thursday, so I think tomorrow or Monday I’ll give one of my Mom’s chicken recipes a go. I’m getting really tired of this pork. I think it would have been better if I had liked it in the beginning, but the recipe just wasn’t my favorite. I’ve been putting off finishing the last piece of it. I had hummus with homemade pita chips (the pita bread was stale, so I covered it in olive oil and baked it. delicious!), brussel sprouts, and an egg for dinner tonight. I keep thinking about how delicious those sausages were earlier this week… when Kathleen gets here, I’ll make her bangers and mash.



2 thoughts on “pajama day

  1. Maybe we can find your mom’s old copy of “Let’s Blow through Europe” so you and Kathleen can find the tall thing to climb in Paris and Dublin.

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