It seems like not much is really going on now, not with school having started. I actually slept for 15 hours last night. I attribute that mainly to the desperate cold, although when I finally made it out today the weather was quite nice. The walk in to school was even sunny.

DSCN1139 DSCN1141

I spent many many hours in studio although it hardly feels like I’ve gotten much done. I made a pb&j sandwich for the first time since arriving. The Sainsbury brand peanut butter was quite good. I did a few small paintings and a quite a bit of knitting.

DSCN1142 DSCN1143 DSCN1148

Since I’d finished Teachers I’ve been re-watching Modern Family, and I can’t believe how funny it is. I keep having to apologize to my studio mates for laughing so loudly and explain I’m not a crazy person. I left studio late tonight and walked home around 8:30. When I was scrolling through the romantic comedies on Netflix, I saw a film starring my favorite Zooey Deschanel. It was called Flakes. it was alright, but nothing compared to what I found next. Season 3 of Downton Abbey is already on Netflix over here. This is the best news I’ve had in a long time, and while all this adventure has been great, this may be the best thing so far. I expect to be finished with the whole season within the week. I’ve already caught up with the sad saps in the States.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all.



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