The Mondays

Today ended up being the relaxing day that I was anticipating on Saturday. I went to bed quite early last night, and had every intention of getting up early and being productive. However, I slept for more than an hour while my alarm clock was going off. I spent that whole time having a dream about how my alarm clock was broken: in my dream, I couldn’t get it to turn off. I unplugged it. I had friends come over to try to help me fix it, but it just kept going and going. It made sense when I finally did wake up.

I also remember vaguely hearing a very, very loud knock on the door in the early morning. Turns out it was the postman at the front door. A package arrived today (for me!) that was too large for the mailbox, and since no one answered the door to claim it, I have to go find the post office tomorrow to pick it up. I’m looking forward to it, so I’ll probably wake up early and go before school.

I didn’t make it to school at all today. My shoe situation is getting pretty bad. My mittens were soaked through from yesterday’s walk home. I left the house with a sack lunch, but didn’t make it further than five minutes. I decided to stop in a coffee shop, sketch for a few hours, and call it a day. It’s the same coffee shop I’ve been going to pretty regularly since I arrived. It’s the closest one to my house and it’s so cute.

DSCN1074 DSCN1076 DSCN1077

I chatted with the owner a bit today, did some sketching, met a Saudi Arabian guy named Mosher, and listened to some good ol’ Frank Sinatra. Honestly, I think it was an afternoon well spent.

DSCN1081 DSCN1082 DSCN1083

I left when it started to fill up with a late lunch crowd. It’s pretty small and I’d already been there a few hours since ordering my coffee, so I thought it would be best to surrender my seat to the new customers. I ate my last egg today, so on the way back I decided to hit the grocery store. Since I’m eating an egg a day for breakfast, I graduated myself from the half carton of eggs to the full carton. I was also out of veggies for the week, so I picked up some produce. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to buy bread. Since I’m eating so many sandwiches, I think it’s time to go from a half loaf to a full of that as well. It can wait til tomorrow.

There’s also a Turkish food market right by my street, so out of curiosity I finally stopped in. It was actually really wonderful. They have an olive bar and all kinds of dried foods. There was even designer diet coke.



Best of all, I f0und the one thing I’ve been looking for since I arrived. I had given up hope of ever having it again until I returned home. But as I wandered the cramped aisles of the Turkish food store, there it was. Amongst the dried nuts and seeds. The mother of all snackfoods and my family’s dietary staple:


Popcorn. Halleluiah.

All that’s left is to find canola oil. I’d noticed some at Sainsbury’s last week but didn’t buy any because at that point I’d had no use for it. My fingers were so cold and groceries were so heavy that I decided to just go home. I’ll get some soon enough, along with that darned bread.

I’m going to bed early tonight. I’m still exhausted, honestly. Tomorrow will be exciting. I’ll pick up that package, bread, canola oil, and have the first class of my studio elective, “The Artistic Narrative.” I’ll also hopefully be able to finalize some of my plans for when Kathleen comes to visit. I did research this evening about flights and things for when she gets here, and I found some very exciting stuff. Now all I need is the exact timeline to make the final arrangements. I can’t wait to see her and show her around Europe!


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