Thursday: Apricot Pork Roast

Today I was very excited to turn on my crockpot before I left for school. I got out the door at a reasonable hour, which is hard to do with the “show up whenever you please” attitude at my school. It seemed like there was hardly anyone there all day, but it’s hard to tell since no one every seems to actually stay in studio for more than 5 minutes. Everyone is always off to have a fag, or a coffee or a lunch or a break. My temporary studio-mate Orielle was good company, we had a good chat about her work today. She occupies the other half of the tiny space and is very friendly. I also met the girl who I’m replacing today. She seemed lovely, and assured me she would be on her way soon.



I also realized how dire my shoe situation is. I have the new Hunter’s (the pink rainboots I bought in Ireland) but that’s pretty much it, and I can’t very well wear those when it’s not raining. The problem is that the shoes I packed to walk in ended up crushing my feet, and my other walking shoes… well…

my pitiful shoes

my pitiful shoes


…they don’t look too hot either. That’s my black sock you’re looking at. I don’t have room for it in this week’s budget since I just bought tickets to Paris, but next Monday I am absolutely going shoe shopping.

My roast turned out okay. I like the cranberry pork recipe better than I liked this one. The stuffing was a little too sweet and not very fluffy. It was made with apricots and being crushed under a massive piece of pork all day, so I guess that’s to be expected. It will do for my dinners for the next week, but I don’t think I’ll be making it again after that. No matter! The world of crock pot recipes is endless. I think next week I’ll be trying one of my Mom’s recipes, since I know it’s outstanding. Chicken Fiesta? Yes please!

I’ve been exhausted all day for no particular reason, and most of yesterday as well. I think that the adrenaline of being here might be wearing off. I’ve been here three weeks today. The weather, which had gotten so much better, has gone cold. I’m going to stay in again tonight and rest up.



One thought on “Thursday: Apricot Pork Roast

  1. PARIS? YES!!! So excited for you!!!! Budget in a real French meal! I wish I could go with you!!! Enjoy the Louvre (it’s a must) and do hit the Musee d’Orsay.

    Maybe I can you some new shoes. 😉 You’ll have to email me your delivery address, shoe size and a few links to shoes you like.

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