Second Day of School

The second day of school was pretty similar to the first. Turns out my art history class isn’t actually until tomorrow. I sat in my temporary studio and knitted. I didn’t want to start any paintings or drawings since I’ll be having to move all of my stuff at the end of the week. I’m very excited to move into the second-year studios. Their colleges here are all three years, so the second year here is the equivalent to my junior year. The first years seem a little stand-offish, but the second years have all been very warm. Today I met a particularly lovely girl named Francesca.

Now, I had a fish that I loved named Francesca. Unfortunately, she passed away in late November. Reincarnation? You tell me.

Francesca the Fish

Francesca the Fish

Fran the Girl

Fran the Girl

After class, Fran and I met up at a local pub called the Fishtank. I had my first mulled wine there, which tastes strangely like apple cider. It’s served hot, and is apparently a mixture of red wine, oranges, cloves, and some other things.


I also learned that there was a difference between a bar and a pub. Until now, I’d just thought that they were synonymous, and the English preferred the word “pub.” Apparently, bars are a bit nicer. We went to one, after the Fishtank, called Pitchers and Piano. It was really nice, and actually very cozy. Had it been light outside, it would have had a wonderful view of the sea. It’s basically beachfront.

Since she was showing me around, we also stopped by a really neat club tucked away in The Lanes. I didn’t catch the name of it, but it was very popular among the Spanish community in Brighton. Fran spent two years in Barcelona and is fluent in Spanish, so she likes to hang around there and meet people. Everyone was very open and warm, and it quickly felt like we just knew everyone. There were smiles all around, and cheek kisses instead of handshakes. She did most of the chatting, of course, but we had a good time. We even met a football player who plays for the Brighton Seagulls. I definitely can’t wait to show my sister around and introduce her to Francesca. I bet she isn’t expecting a chance to practice her Spanish when she comes to visit me!

Well, maybe she’s expecting it now.



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