First Day of School!

I was running late today, as usual.

My Mom had sent me a crockpot a few days before I left for Ireland, and today was my first day to use it. I was very excited. I had found an interesting and simple recipe for cranberry pork roast, which I modified to be just two pork steaks. I skipped breakfast to set it up this morning, which I do not regret.

Here’s another shot of my wall, aka a “studio.” It now includes a desk and small table. Fancy…


At school, I met with my professor for about half an hour. He told me that he considers it a waste of my time for me to always be in studio; I should be exploring Europe and seeing as much of it as I possibly can. We’re on the same page. That was my whole first day. He pointed me in the direction of a few art stores, and I set off to buy paper. I also picked up some groceries, and discovered a magical place I’d only heard of in legend: Poundland.


The store where everything is one pound. Even more amazing, I found everything there that I’d been searching high and low for since my arrival. Clothes hangers and tupperware. What a relief to finally have them.

The cranberry pork steak was pretty good. I had mash and brussel sprouts along with it, and I have leftovers for tomorrow. I spent the rest of the day getting things in order for school, working on the resume for the job hunt, helping my lovely Aunt Tina with a project, and researching for my future travels. I found out that our “Easter Break” is from March 25th to April 12th, and after May 6th I won’t have a studio space so I’ll be free to travel during the week then as well. Time is already flying by. So many places to go, so much to see! so little time…

Tomorrow I’ll have my first art history lecture. We’ll see how that goes!


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