Hayley and I had an amazing day in Dublin. She went to class while I slept in, then we met up and had desserts for breakfast at Queen of Tarts. The plumb tart and lemon meringue were great, but the Bailey’s cheesecake was out of this world.

We went to a lecture at her school after that, and then had some real food. At an Illy cafe, we had some really exceptional soup and split an enormous sandwich.

Then we hit up the National Gallery for the Turner watercolor exhibit. the watercolors were really lovely.

i have been having some pretty severe foot problems which I finally attributed to my shoes. When we walked home from the gallery, we went into every store until I finally found some practical and weatherproof shoes at a reasonable price. I got some Hunters on sale. I was hoping for red, but found some great pink/purple fluorescent ones.

We got some fried food on the way back to the apartment, stopped in for a minute to drop off excess stuff. After that, we headed to a party hosted by Hayleys school: a “German Sparkle Party”. Still not sure what that meant, but it was the most fun I have ever had at a college party. We topped it all off by getting chips with some Canadian girls.

Tomorrow Hayley and I are headed to Galway. Pictures to follow on Saturday.



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