The sun came out in Brighton today just in time for me to walk to the station. Everything was so wet and shiny, the sudden brightness was almost blinding. Travel went without a hitch. There was one slightly awkward moment when going through security. Evidently, they don’t make you take off your shoes in Europe. Of course, I’d gotten one shoe entirely off by the time I realized no one else was doing so. I tried to act natural and just put it back on… But definitely held up the line a bit.

Had an awesome moment at Irish customs. The line was super long, as it is, but I followed the signs for non-EU residents and found I was the only one. I walked right up and went straight on through. It. Was. Epic.

I met up with Hayley outside Trinity College near the city center. Ireland is shockingly green for the it being January. We explored Dublin for the rest of the day and into the evening.

We had dinner at Queen of Tarts (where we plan to return tomorrow), had a pint of Guinness at Kehoe’s, a cocktail at 37 Dawson which was definitely a highlight, saw Hayley’s apartment, took a tour of her school, went out for a “flat white ” (coffee drink popular over here), had chips at Supermac’s, and took the scenic route home without getting hit by a single car.

I took lots of pictures, but I have no way to get them onto my iPad. They will have to wait til I get home on Saturday. I’ll give a more detailed account then as well. All is well here in Dublin! We have a busy day planned tomorrow and a day trip to Galway on Friday. I’ll be checking in per usual.



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