University of Brighton

Today began almost as frustrating as my day yesterday. I went to my university at 10, as they asked, only to be told that I’d need to come back at 2. Honestly, the four hour delay might have been a blessing in disguise. I was having trouble keeping my happy face on, so I took that time to relax and regroup. Not that I really had many options. Here’s what my university looks like…


University of Brighton


University of Brighton

and the surrounding area, which is appropriately artsy.


I like tea!

I headed up into the North Lanes to grab a bite of breakfast, and stumbled upon a restaurant that had been recommended to me yesterday. It’s called Bill’s, and is in a rather large, warehouse type space. It also seemed to sell specialty groceries, and all the walls were lined with their own products in quaint glass jars. My waitress was from Canada, which was funny… “You sound like you’re from the same side of the pond as me,” she said when I had to ask what “bubbles and squeak” was. I was hoping for something like a mimosa. It turned out to be a food, not beverage, and her explanation had something to do with potatoes. Of course I had to order it. and it was delicious.


Bill’s bacon and eggs on toast, bubbles and sqeuak


bubbles and squeak





After breakfast, I felt a lot better about things. I headed next door to Farm. I’d eaten dinner there a few nights ago, and noticed then that they had a coffee bar. I had a cappuccino, which was delicious, and wrote postcards to a few lucky people.

My view out the window at Farm

My view out the window at Farm


postcards: en route!


English post box

And of course, even now I still had some time to kill. Fortunately, right out of Farm’s door, I found the perfect place to while away my time.


Great Gatsby, anyone? Anyone… anyone… Jane?


ohhh yeah

There were a lot of fabulous coats, but the weather is warming up and I reeeeally don’t need to add any more to my luggage. I might be back for the pencil skirts, though. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this place. One thing I’ve noticed about British vintage is that there is a LOT of vintage British army uniforms. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them, yet, but they sure seems to be popular. After this, I had even mooooore time to kill… so I wandered into an English flea market. It’s amazing how much older and nicer everything seems to be at antique shops and flea markets over here. I saw a lot of things my Mom would absolutely have loved, but unfortunately I won’t be able to fit in my suitcase. Like these chairs…

actually, I want these for myself

actually, I want these for myself

or this, if she liked board games:

Harrod's Monopoly

Harrod’s Monopoly

or this luggage… is your heart breaking yet, Mom?


one ticket to London, if you please!

and then there were the gorgeous things that everyone finds interesting, from vintage sewing machines and typewriters, to model cars and early cameras. Unfortunately there were no pigs. Sorry, Susan!

By this time, I really wasn’t worried about school at all anymore. But it was time for me to go back in that direction. Everything finally did get sorted out, to a certain extent. I was given a Student ID and a tour. The head of paining, Chris, introduced me to what students were there. Evidently, you just show up when you feel like it or don’t. I kept asking exactly what time I had to show up and where, for anything, and they couldn’t tell me. Eventually (it’s like pulling teeth with these people) I found out that I have art history once a week on Tuesdays. It starts at 11 and ends… whenever, maybe about an hour. I also have a thing that sounds like an elective that I have to show up to on Wednesdays, and maybe lasts for an hour or more. Or maybe less. I’m supposed to go to studios for some time most days, but if I don’t, it’s no big deal. Occasionally someone will meet with me sometime, maybe once a week. And yes, it really is as vague as it sounds.

I did get to see the studio I’ll have, but I’ll only be there for one week. And thank goodness because this is it:


Yeah, that corner there, the one that’s being used for storage. Behind the door. The door that everyone uses to get in and out of the studios. So… a week after I “move in” to that “studio,” there’s a girl who’s moving out of a larger studio. She’s going to Korea to study abroad, and I’m taking over her former space. So don’t worry, things will get much much better very soon.

Tomorrow, I’m headed off to Dublin to see my good friend and fellow KCAI student abroad, Hayley!


One thought on “University of Brighton

  1. Yeah…I think we have different definitions of “vintage”. Christophe and Barbara were not impressed with the 100 year old Steamship Arabia collection. They eat off 100 year old plates on a regular basis…

    Have fun in Dublin!

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