International Monetary Crisis: Solved!

My bank card arrived early this afternoon, thus officially ending my monetary and closely-related food crisis. Thanks Mom!! It arrived early enough for me to make it to the supermarket today. The store isn’t far, but once inside, navigation becomes tricky.  “Fruit snacks and well being” was an entire aisle unto itself. I had no idea that well-being was so easy to come by: just head to your local Sainsbury’s! I was hoping to find mittens while I was there (I’m hoping to find mittens everywhere I go) but still no luck. Fortunately, the weather was a bit warmer today. It was raining rather than snowing when I made it home with my load of groceries just an hour before dark. As the temperatures began to drop, the rain turned back to sloppy, wet snowflakes


That’s all to report. It may not sound like much of a day, but it is a huge relief to have access again to food and money. I think there’s still time to get some local traveling in before the semester, so stay tuned.

If you’re curious at all about Brighton, or disappointed at all by the brevity of this update, I have some good news for you. Being quite the popular British beach/resort town, several movies have been filmed here. You can always watch them for a different view of the place. I can’t vouch for all of these, but I picked out the ones that seemed most interesting.

Quadrophenia (1979) is loosely based on a rock opera by The Who. The movie itself is not a musical (unlike another film adaptation of the same rock opera, “Tommy”). It follows a young man in London who falls in with a gang.

The End of the Affair (1999) is actually a funny story. I saw it as an opera at the Lyric many years ago, but could never remember the name. I was actually thinking about it last night, after my Mom and I were talking about WWII. It was in English, which I never particularly care for in an opera, but there was this one line that somehow stuck with me: Bombs in the backyard, lovers upstairs, lives are destroyed and nobody cares. When I was looking up movies filmed in Brighton this evening, I couldn’t figure out why the title sounded so familiar til I broke down and read the synopsis. I’ve never seen the movie, though.

Me Without You (2001) is a movie I saw in highschool, if I’m remembering correctly, with Camellia and her brother Stephan. It’s about two girls who grow up as best friends but keep bringing each other down.

MirrorMask (2005) is one that I’d particularly like to see. The screenplay was written by one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, but it could be hit or miss because it’s a fantasy flick that was intended to be released straight to video. In it, a young girl in a family of circus performers becomes trapped in a fantasy world.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) seems like one that my little sister Kathleen would like. A girl pretends her cat is lost so the boy she fancies will help her look for it… meanwhile, her friend who is watching her cat actually does lose it.

The Young Victoria (2009) is one for my Mom! It’s a period drama that follows the early life and reign of Queen Victoria, and was intended to be made as historically accurate as possible.

Brighton Rock (1947, 2010) is a British film noir that has recently been re-made. In the US, it was titled “Young Scarface”… oh my. It centers on the activities of a young gang of criminals.

The Boat that Rocked (2009) was retitled “Pirate Radio” in America. It’s set in the 60’s, and is about a pirate radio station that played rock music and the British government is trying to track down. The station was operated from an actual boat in the North Sea. Weirdly, this sort of thing actually happened a lot in Europe.

You can find quite a few more (and a few TV shows) at the following address:

Merry watching!


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