Minor Hiccups

I slept til 11 today, which I take to mean that I am officially adjusted to Brighton time. Considering that’s 5 AM back in Kansas City, I think I’m doing quite well. Today was the day I ventured out my front door for the first time.

A left turn and then a right brought me to my first Brighton local business, and my landmark to find my way back to the house: a family-run funeral home. Disturbingly, the trend continued as I explored the surrounding shops. The number of funeral homes in Brighton seems to be second only to Fish n Chips shops. However, I’m not going to be discouraged. What I saw of the town was beautiful, and not nearly as cold as you’d expect for being covered in snow.


I ate breakfast at a cute little coffee shop, where the two girls working were good company. They say Brighton has plenty to do, but it’s small enough that everyone seems to know everybody else. Sounds a lot like Kansas City, to me–I have a feeling I’ll be right at home here. The chocolate croissant I ate was not quite as good as those at Aixois, but I suppose it’s not fair to ask so much of the Brits. It was delicious, as was my cappuccino.



Apparently, had I walked a little further left on the same street I would have gone straight out onto the pier and found the ocean. Left, and I would have found the city center and a collection of small, arts shops. As it was, I went to a grocery store to buy food for the next week. My adventure for the day ended there–I realized that I didn’t have my clip with my driver’s license and bank card. I ran back to the house to look for it, but it’s no where to be found. I must have lost it during my layover in Chicago. I went back to the grocery store and spent my remaining 25 lbs on groceries, then headed back for the day. It was a little disheartening and I spent a good part of my afternoon tearing apart my luggage and my room in search of my missing cards. At the end of it all, I emailed my Mom, and should have a new card by Tuesday. She’s is wonderful. Until then, I have a mere 70 pence to my name. It should be an interesting few days.

Tomorrow, I’ll pack a lunch and go try to find the ocean.

Oh and Dad, this made me think of you:


but they weren’t 50% off, so I’ll wait til next time to pick up 15 boxes.



2 thoughts on “Minor Hiccups

  1. I told Dave about you losing your cards. He mentioned pick pockets…

    I’m sure if you have the rest of your wallet, you probably did leave the card in Chicago….BUT it’s still a good idea to be careful.

    • I thought of that, too, but the card hasn’t been used since I lost it. I keep it in a case separate from the rest of my wallet, and that whole case is missing… but it seems like an odd pick for a pickpocket, with some considerably more valuable things and a real wallet alongside it. I bet it’s in Chicago.

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