Day One.

The traveling would have been easy had it not been for the 800 lbs of luggage (okay, 100 lbs) I saddled myself with.  All my flights were smooth and arrived early, customs was no trouble, and the trains here couldn’t be easier. Public transportation is magical here. I had to take a cab from Paddington Station to Victoria–there was no way to navigate the London Underground with all my bags. Howie, the bear wearing my studly boyfriend’s uniform, was an excellent travel companion. He never complained and managed to do quite well as a pillow on more than one occasion.

I took an impromptu nap on the train from London to Brighton after getting lunch in the city. It’s such an easy trip, less than an hour and only $25. My wonderful roommate Alec offered to pick me up from the train station after he got off work at 6:00, so after I arrive at 4:00 I spent some time at a cafe just outside. It was quite cute, and I think Howie inspired the Barista:


Everyone was so kind through my whole trip. The gentlemen who helped me get my carry-on in and out of the overhead storage when I couldn’t lift my bag, more people who helped with the same task on the trains, the cab driver, the waitress where I had lunch, the baristas, and people sitting next to me all along the way were extraordinarily cheerful and helpful. My new roommates, Alec and Alice, have also been wonderful and generous. I feel very blessed so far on this trip. It snowed a few inches after I arrived last night, which England does not seem accustomed to. I’ve heard from a few people here that there is not a snow plow in the whole country. I don’t know how they’d get one through these narrow streets if they did. I’m certainly glad my flight wasn’t a day later. Since everything basically shuts down, I decided it would be a good day to get things done at home. I spent all day unpacking and sleeping. My room is a wreck–I need to find more hangers for my closet–but I feel like I made good progress today. However, I am very excited to explore the town and see the seashore. I also need to buy food, so I will most definitely be venturing out tomorrow.


I’ve had an excellent journey and some much-needed rest, but tomorrow feels like it will be the real beginning. Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “Day One.

  1. Oh Anna, Two A’s, Two N’s…you’ve come so far! This is going to be one of the best experiences of your life and I’m so excited for you!!!

  2. Anyone who travels with such a fine bear is good in our books. Welcome to the madness of Brighton. You are right about the snow – we are totally, totally unprepared for even a fine powdering in the UK! Not sure what you are doing in our fine city but we will follow your blog and find out! Take care The bears from TheBigForest

  3. Anna!!!
    Eric and I were so happy to hear your travels went well and you arrived safely. It looks amazing and we hope its not too cold with all that snow! We got a kick out of the cabaret comment, Eric said you know you can come to us for help before joining the cabaret circa! LOL We miss you and can’t wait for more updates. Love ya lots

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